Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Twist Teas: Mint Humbug

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a wonderfully delicious tea. A tea that has made a superb first impression. This tea is the second tea from Twist Teas fun and flavoursome Puds Without Sin Collection. 

It's a tea I REALLY like. The tea in question in the mouthwatering Mint Humbug.

Last month I reviewed the wonderful Banana Shake from Twist. That particular blend has gone down a real treat and I even (kindly, in my opinion) gave my rooibos loving nephew a couple of bags to take home and try. 

I was immediately struck by Banana Shake as, I will admit, I have a slight obsession with banana flavoured tea. Why and where it started I cannot tell you but it lingers there, in the back of my mind. Yet, banana tea is not one anyone would come across on a regular basis so I was delighted when I received some through the post from Twist. I've been drinking it non stop and after a rather unfortunate bout of stomach flu last week all I did was crave this imaginative tea.

So could the banana shake be bettered? Well I thought not. But today I cracked open the Mint Humbug box, not expecting to love it as much as the banana shake. And yet, here I am, sat snuggled in bed, loving every sip of this wonderful tea.

Before I start the review I'd just like to fill you in on the Puds Without Sin Collection, just in case you don't know. Essentially Twist Tea's have created a complete collection of pudding flavoured tea's. The collection has been designed to provide that wonderful hit that you get from a good pudding without all the naughty - and rather inconvenient bits - such as calories, fat and sugar. It honestly is a pure win win situation. The best of both worlds. Indulgence and comfort that you can get only from tea, without any of the guilt you may feel as you tuck into your favourite pudding.

With the exception of the mint choc chip tea, which contains black tea, all the lines in the range are either rooibos or herbal based so it's caffeine free to boot!

It's fair to say that Twist Tea have also managed to achieve the one thing I thought was impossible - they have got me absolutely loving rooibos. I will say that I probably couldn't drink a cup of it unflavoured, however, Twist Tea have created such fabulous flavours that I'm now enjoying several caffeine free cups of tea a day which I really am very pleased about.

So ... onto Mint Humbug!

This blend of tea comes in a generously filled silky pyramid tea bag. I love the colour of the rooibos, I find it visually attractive and certainly appealing. One of the best hints I can give you about this tea is do stick to the recommended infusion time of 4-5 minutes. I often leave mine for up to six minutes so the tea reveals even more of it's gorgeous flavour. This is a tea that is best left infusing for more rather than less time if you want to experience the flavour at it's fullest.

 This blend, just like the banana shake, infused to a dark, copper red colour. It's just another way this tea is really interesting. It's just fabulous to look at and warming and inviting for this time of year.

Firstly, the mint flavour, which comes from a blend of peppermint and spearmint, is warming and refreshing and makes your mouth dance. It's spicy and yet at the same time, light and does not sit heavily on the stomach like pure peppermint can do, for me, anyway. I personally think the blend of peppermint and spearmint is ingenious as sometimes peppermint can be a bit harsh so the spearmint softens that hardness somewhat, making a brilliant level of flavour which evolves with each sip and which stays in your mouth for some time after the tea is finished.

Interweaving through all the lovely minty-ness is a sleek, smooth wave of toffee flavour that blends perfectly with the mint. It's rich, tasty and moreish. It makes you greedy for this tea, so it's good that this tea is without sin. When you take your first sip  you want more and more and that then progresses to wanting another cup and before you know it the kettle is once again boiling. In addition to the gorgeous flavour you also have the natural sweetness from the rooibos itself that adds just another decadent layer to this fun blend.

My honest feeling about this tea is that one cup is never - and will never - be enough. It is almost like a visit to see the bestie which you never want to be over. You do not want this cup of tea to end. And there is a pang of disappointment when it does.

If you had asked me about the Puds Without Sin Collection yesterday, I would of said nothing could match up to banana shake. I was totally wrong on that assumption.

I can't say which of the two I prefer. It may even be level pegging. I love the Banana Shake because it's funky and fun, I love the Mint Humbug because it's classic and effortlessly chic. There most certainly is something very special about these two blends, something that draws me to them whenever I open the tea cupboard and something that immediately distracts me from making other tea choices.

Quite often tea blends such as these are good at the idea level but never seem to hit the spot. These blends, however, really do. They are a joy to drink and are ideal autumnal blends.

I will end this review simply by saying that I love the Puds Without Sin Collection. And if it's still in production this time next year, could we  have a Christmas edition, Twist Teas? Pretty, pretty please. Maybe a Christmas cake or mince pie? Please .....