Tuesday, 9 June 2015

TG Green Tea: Iced Green Tea With Jujube & Ginseng

TG Iced Green Tea with jujube and ginseng is like a gift from heaven on a hot day!

There is no doubting at all that over the last week or so London has been hot. It's been that thick, dry, stormy heat that leaves you with a headache, lacking energy and for me, at least, feeling nauseous and icky. The sort of weather, indeed, that makes you hope and pray for an electrical storm so your head can feel clear once again.

And, as I've mentioned before, I don't "do" heat especially well. Or, at least, my soul loves it, my body less so. I get a odd feeling in my stomach and my eczema can play up a little bit. I don't tend to drink as much tea, rather ice cold water.

Last week I reviewed another of TG's wonderful iced green tea's, their stunningly refreshing Mandarin and Ginseng flavour. 

Honestly, I've never enjoyed a cold drink like it. So today I have decided to review their Jujube and Ginseng flavoured green tea. 

Iced green tea is a perfect mixture of cold drink and tea. I was a bit uncertain at the start because I wasn't sure about drinking cold tea, but, oh, on a hot day it's like a gift from the gods. Soothing, thirst quenching, delicious and healthy. You won't want to touch fizzy drinks again!

In case you are not familiar with jujube, they are a variation (I think) of dates.

After a early morning walk to the supermarket to pick up some shopping for my mum I came back slightly hot and flustered and needed a drink so opted for the jujube with ginseng ice green tea. And it provided a wonderful burst of thirst quenching loveliness.

I wasn't too sure what to expect from the taste, and to me, it does actually remind me of dates, the sort of dates my nan used to have at Christmas, sweet, sticky and moreish. The flavour of the jujube is subtle, not overpowering, but it makes for a really interesting and different flavour. I think we've probably all tried a iced tea with lemon, but this flavour is really nice and different.

As with the previous tea I've reviewed, I love the sparky flavour from the ginseng. I had an awful headache when drinking this tea, but I felt soothed and relaxed almost  as soon as I had sat down to enjoy the drink. 

There is something lovely to be able to still drink tea whilst at the same time, have a cooling drink that is superb for the hot summer months. There are many brilliant recipes floating around on the internet about how to make iced tea's but I'll be frank- I much prefer the convenience of just grabbing one ready made up from the fridge, especially since the tea is so lovely to the taste.

To Sophia and Hua - I have totally fallen in love with your Iced Green Tea's. They are made very well, lacking the teeth smacking sweetness of most commercially available iced tea's, whilst, remaining tasty and unbitter, which is amazing considering this is green tea.

I was as equally impressed with the jujube and ginseng. I will admit that the mandarin and ginseng has slightly won me over, only because I love anything that has orangey tones as everyone knows (thanks to Juliette - one reader who sends me orange tea from Canada!) but that is not to say I disliked this one. I thought it different and unique.

I'm absolutely so proud to have been asked to review these tea's. I really do hope that TG Green Tea's will soon be seen everywhere. They deserve to be.

In a different life, many years ago, I was addicted to Cherry Coke. Every now and again, on hot days, I really have to fight the temptation to go and buy a bottle and it's certainly hard to walk past the chilled drink aisle. But, I am being utterly truthful here, I would pick these iced green tea's anytime.

Please do visit the company website which can be found here. Not only can you read all about the tea, but it gives you a option to request the tea's be stocked near to you.

Give these cold tea's a go. You won't be disappointed!

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