Friday, 19 June 2015

Twinings: Intensely Tropical

I have to admit that Twinings and I have had a bit of a rocky relationship this past year or so. The amount of emails I receive regarding the changing of their Earl Grey recipe (yes, it was some time ago but it still is subject of consternation amongst tea lovers!) is quite high. Their attempt to create interesting flavours, such as their Intensely Beetroot Burst fell flat for me.

But yesterday, whilst up in London, I happened to go past the Twining shop and couldn't help but pop in and treat myself to a few goodies (I also visited Whittard and will review their tea shortly!) and I am so glad I have because I have found a wonderful little gem: Intensely Tropical. Sadly, this glorious tea isn't yet listed on their website so I can't provide a link to it yet, but will edit this post accordingly when it does appear.

Intensely Tropical is a fruit tea that is rich in flavour. The taste is a combination of pineapple, blood orange and lime. It is a perfect tea for a hot day and I enjoyed several cups of tea after I returned home from my trip to London. The weather had been hot, muggy and unpleasant, so this tea is a perfect tea to relax and cool down with.

From the moment I poured the hot water on the tea bag I knew that this was going to be a special drink, and that Twinings have really come up with something marvelous. It's fruity, exciting, and just ideal for this time of year.

The tea brews to a wonderful orange colour. The fruity, tropical aroma is very strong during the brewing process. With fruit tea's I tend to let them steep for ages, and even leave the bag in the cup, but this tea does brew to a lovely strong flavour so on this occasion I felt confident to remove the bag.

This tea had three very distinct flavours, making for a cup of tea that is a real experience from when you start your sip till the time you've swallowed your tea. It goes in stages with each flavour taking their turn to make an appearance.

Blood orange is the first component of this wonderful tea that you really taste. It has a rich, rounded flavour, packing a interesting and refreshing punch. It's slightly sharp, but not at all bitter. I personally love blood orange in a tea but it could be sharp for some on it's own. It's the brilliance of the three flavours blended together that make this tea work.

The rich sweetness of pineapple appears next. It makes your mouth water and the texture of the pineapple is as if you were eating it fresh. For me it's the pineapple flavour that makes this such a gorgeous, moreish drink. It adds a sweetness that perfectly evens out the sharpness of the blood orange.

And finally the lime. The lime adds that powerful kick right at the end, making your tongue dance for joy. You can really taste the lime as a aftertaste, leaving you tasting this tea for sometime after you have finished. I really loved the way the lime acted like ginger does in tea, giving your cup of tea a sharp, snazzy afterbite.

I am so impressed with Twinings for the creation of this lovely cup of tea. Fruit tea is never the first tea I turn to. However, feeling rather hot and flustered whilst in the shop yesterday it bounced off the shelf, catching my attention immediately. And I am really happy it did.

For the time of year it works really well. With one or two exceptions, I tend to like the Intensely range and this is a really fabulous addition. It's just so cooling and refreshing whilst at the same time satisfying and enjoyable.

And, this is the perfect candidate for iced tea, too!

My only complaint is you only have 20 envelopes in a box. I have almost got through half the pack in a single day - it's that good!

A massive thumbs up to Twining's tea blender for coming up with a truly scrumptious, summery tea.

I'm not sure where this tea is available yet, I've not checked my local supermarkets. But do keep an eye out for the lovely little orange box. It really is the best  of the Intensely range. You won't be disappointed. I can promise you that!

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  1. I've seen it in ASDA and Tesco :) roughly around the same £1.50 a box mark. xx