Friday, 29 September 2017

Twist Teas: Banana Shake

The first of tonight's tea reviews is a review of a very interesting blend.

It's from the utterly fabulous company, Twist Teas and is their equally fabulous Banana Shake tea.

Banana Shake comes from their new range of tea called Puds Without Sin. In essence they are all funky dessert based teas but without any of the downsides to actually eating the pudding, for example these tea's contain no sugar or artificial sweeteners. So they are a guilt free treat. And I, for one, am extremely grateful for that!

Earlier this week I was contacted by the lovely Claire offering me a chance to taste a couple of their tea's. I was happy to receive anything but I must admit, being a lover of banana tea, I was especially excited to see that in the box, alongside the Mint Choc Chip I had received the Banana Shake. 

Banana Shake is a rooibos tea. I will state from the start that rooibos and I have had a rocky relationship. When I say rocky, it was truly on a Charles verses Diana level. I hated it. I can't dress it up or lie. I hated it. However, over the past year there has been a distinct thaw in the frosty relationship. I'll admit that I probably wouldn't get on with pure rooibos but I do enjoy it when it's flavoured and there is no better flavour to match then banana.

I love this tea to absolute pieces. After popping out to the local shopping centre, in the middle of a torrential downpour this morning, I got back dripping wet and not particularly happy. So whilst I was changing out of wet jeans and into comfy pyjama's I brewed a cup of this astonishing tea, knowing that I could not resist reviewing this tea this evening. As rooibos can be infused for a longer period of time I left it to brew whilst I got changed and came back to see a beautiful, copper coloured cup of tea waiting for me.

From the moment the infusion process begins this tea makes a stunning impression. How can a tea that brews to such a glorious colour, as seen above, not be inviting? I challenge you to not be tempted by this tea. I am sure you'd fail. It just looks absolutely glorious, sparkling and vibrant. This was love at first sight.

The aroma of banana is strong and mouthwatering. I'm not a fruit lover overall, I prefer vegetables, but I do love banana's and this tea smells fresh, healthy and has that lovely sweetness that you get when banana's are prefectly ripe.

So far, so very good.

By the time I sat down to drink this tea I was frozen through and needed the warmth from the tea as much as the taste. As I cradled the mug in my hands I took a sip, not totally sure what I'd make of it, as it's rooibos after all.

However, I was not disappointed. Not for a second.

The flavour of banana is strong and rich. It's mouthwatering and moreish and once I started sipping I just couldn't stop. With each mouthful I appreciated and enjoyed this tea more and more. It's glorious flavour leaves you wanting more - and so far today I've had seven cups! It's a good job it's caffeine free!

Underneath that gorgeous, fulfilling flavour of banana comes the rooibos distinct taste, which is itself very sweet. I liked how it's almost herbal element brings a depth of flavour to this tea. The two flavours are very rich yet are not sickly or overpowering. They can soothe even the sweetest of teeth and I find it gives that sweet hit that I miss. This tea needs a fine balance, too much of either flavour would be too much, yet Twist Teas find that balance and blend the tea perfectly.

Over the past couple of years dessert tea's have been quite popular. Some have worked, others (like the Twinings range) have not. This tea, however, gets two thumbs up from me. Not only was I so impressed that I came away liking rooibos a LOT more then I did before I tried this, but I firmly believe that if you are dieting, as I am doing, there really is a decent tea out there that can satisfy you as much as your favourite cake or pudding. And that is very impressive.

Banana Shake comes in a silky pyramid bag and is generously filled with tea. But look at it. Oh so pretty and those beautiful colours are ideal for this time of year when autumn is knocking at the door!

I never thought I'd say this about a rooibos tea but I will - I cannot recommend this tea highly enough. It has everything. Yes, it is a tea that does what it says on the box - you genuinely feel as though you are enjoying a nice dessert. It's visually beautiful, it fruity scent fills the kitchen, it tastes so good and it's caffeine free - ideal for me who has been suffering horrendous nightmares lately.

It's warming, comforting and just wonderful. I know as autumn arrives we'll be blasted with lots of pumpkin spice type tea's but I would say this has to be MY tea of autumn. It's relatively simple but executed supremely well.

If there is one tea you should buy to get you through the change of season's into the colder weather, it has to be this fun blend. I am super impressed and am already craving another cup!

I'll end this review by saying a huge thank you to Claire from Twist Teas for sending this out to me. I can assure you, it really has gone to a good home!

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