Friday, 29 May 2015

TG Green Tea: Mandarin And Ginseng Iced Green Tea

This week I received a lovely parcel of tea samples from a wonderful lady (all tea people seem really nice!) called Sophia Nadur. Sophia has started up her own tea company TG Green Tea. This new tea company is owned 100% by women and it's aims are to bring green tea, both iced and hot, which are both flavoursome and healthy to the nation's shelves.

The tea's that TG Green Tea sell are packed full of all the good things that nature provides, including ginger and ginseng, whilst keeping it down to just 30 calories per bottle. 

The first tea that I have decided to review from my little parcel is one of the iced variety - Mandarin and Ginger. This will not be surprising to regular readers as I absolutely LOVE any tea that has the slightest hint of orange, mandarin or anything citrusy! Though my head told me to try some of the others my heart followed the mandarin flavour. And it proved to be a brilliant decision.

I have to say that I've not always had a nice relationship with iced tea.  I've tried Liptons, the sort you can buy in any drink chiller and I wasn't impressed. It was bitter whilst at the same time seemingly containing a lot of sugar. On the other hand I've made iced tea from fruit tea at home and they were nice but were, quite frankly, to much bother to worry with! So it was nice to have something ready made to enjoy, whist at the same time feeling it's healthy and good for you.

At this time of year I tend to struggle with tea drinking. My body doesn't cope at all well when the temperatures start to rise. So, when it starts to get hot, my tea drinking drops quite a lot till I'm used to the warmth, then, I'm back to normal. It's just the transition period, from the crisp spring days to the hot summer that I struggle with.

The very idea of having green tea ice cold was interesting and as soon as the delivery arrived I popped them staright into the fridge to chill. This afternoon, bored with water but still not quite yet back on the tea properly, I decided to try my first iced green tea.

And, I loved it!

It is simply so refreshing and reviving that it instantly makes a very positive hit. It energises you immediately and cools you whilst at the same time, gives you the familiar tea hit.

The mandarin and ginseng flavour is wonderful and it's the perfect flavour for a iced drink. The mandarin is very full flavoured and fresh which is partly what makes this such a refreshing drink. It's a wonderful, fruity twist to the iced tea and is incredibly moreish. If this is your thing you will certainly not want the bottle to end, I didn't! It's a brilliant palate cleanser and is just ideal for the warm time of year.

The ginseng makes this tea really interesting, too. There is a sparky after bite, which really makes your taste buds come alive, it's rather like drinking a strong ginger drink and gives the taste buds a bit of a much needed kick!

What I really liked about this tea too was that there was no bitterness at all. I was expecting it to either have a bitter taste or that much loathed grassy flavour that puts so many people off green tea, yet it lacks both. It's just well blended and when served ice cold the mixture of flavours is just awesome.

Mandarin and Ginseng Iced Green Tea is ideal for summer. It's cooling and refreshing but is much nicer then plain water. I am thrilled to have tried this drink and cannot wait to try the other flavours, too.

It's wonderful to enjoy all the benefits of green tea whilst at the same time enjoying the cooling aspects of cold drinks. The best of both worlds!

I can only applaud Sophia and everyone else involved in this wonderful tea company and in particular this product. You really have created a wonderful iced tea.

Please visit the website. You can read all about the company and also find out about how you can get TG's tea's stocked in a shop near you!


  1. Thank you Laura for this lovely review of our Tg Green Teas. we are really touched. - Sophia

  2. You are very welcome and I'm so glad you liked the review. Thank you ever so much for the samples.

  3. i seem to be stuck in a vortex of tea blogs as "next blog" kept bringing me back here so i thought i'd say that i recently had a nasty cold and would recommend Lemon & Ginger tea over any of the branded cold treatment drinks that are full of sugar. Mandarin and Ginger sounds nice though