Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Born Wild Tea: Reggae Refresh

Last year I wrote a post about the FANTASTIC tea subscription service brought to you by teatourist. It really is a superb and exciting way to discover tea and through this I have tasted some delicious tea's. And it's now going to be a huge honour to review those tea's over the coming weeks.

As I'm sat here writing this review I have a documentary about Princess Diana on the television. In this show, it refers to her final love letters to her last partner, Dodi Fayed in which she referred to their final holiday together as a bit of a 'oh my god' moment. Now, I'm sure the late Princess was not referring to the extensive selection of tea available on the Jonikal when she wrote that fantastic comment.

I, however, will use my 'oh my god' moment in reference to tea. As there is no better phrase to use for Born Wild Tea's stunning Reggae Refresh. This tea is a tasty fruit tea that will guarantee to make your mouth water.

Oh the whole, I'm not a huge fan of fruit tea. I love the artisan type fruit tea's from websites such as Bluebird Tea, but the general, supermarket brought fruit tea's don't appeal to me much as I never get on with the strange texture that some of them can have. However, when the fruit tea contains pieces of real fruit that oozes flavour, then I certainly enjoy a fruit tea.

Reggae Refresh contains apple, papaya, mango, lemongrass, banana chips and goji berries.

From the moment the hot water splashes on this tea, you are hit instantly with a gorgeous, heartwarming aroma of fruit, and it fills the whole kitchen with it's wonderful scent. It really does take your breath away. It's mouthwatering and once you experience that aroma you cannot wait to see what it tastes like.

There is a natural sweetness to this tea and one of the first flavours I experienced was one of my favourite fruits: mango's. It's just very sweet and very moreish. After the mango, there is a slightly tart taste of very ripe and fresh apples.

Amongst these two very prominent flavours there is a rich, honey like taste which I think is likely to add to the sweet texture that in threaded through this tea. I love how you get a sharp tang from the fruit, yet in the background a wave of sweetness flows making it a tea for all tastes.

But this tea gives you one final kick ...the lemon grass really adds a lovely, spicy after bite. I just loved every sip of this tea because every single sip provided you with different flavours, different experiences and a winning combination of sweet and savoury.

This tea is tasty hot but would make for a ideal iced tea in the hot summer months as well!

I am so very impressed with this tea and this really is a high recommendation from someone who has no particular loyalty to fruit tea - it really does have to be something special to impress me!

If you want a nice, refreshing tea, that is bursting with flavour and oozing with tastiness then I would say Reggae Refresh is the tea for you. This tea is summer in a cup and just about as perfect a fruit tea as you can get!

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