Friday, 13 June 2014

Wise Owl Tea: Bali Bamboo Organic Leaf

Lucy from Wild Owl Tea kindly sent me some samples of their products, and, one of those samples is this wonderful and very different Bali Bamboo Leaf Organic Tea.

Wise Owl Tea is a new company to me. They are based in Crystal Palace, London and they specialise in organic herbal tea.

I had decided to try the bamboo tea because I was really interested in how it tastes. In my (short) time reviewing tea's I've come across a lot of tea but never a bamboo one! I was really excited to try this. I appreciated it was going to be a really different sort of tea and couldn't wait to try it.

Bali Bamboo Leaf comes in silky pyramid's which I am a huge, huge fan of. The quality of tea in pyramids tends to be of a much higher standard and the tea is that bit more special.

Bamboo tea contains organic bamboo leaf and nettle. I'm a huge fan of nettle tea and enjoy it hugely, so to see that this tea contained nettle was a extra little bonus.

I brewed this tea using boiling water and left it to infuse for five minutes. During the brewing process the tea gave off a wonderful herbal aroma. It smelt sweet, nutty and, in a strange way, reminds me of woodland when it has just rained. A perculiar description I know, but it's what it reminded me of.

Bamboo Leaf tea is delicious and I enjoyed it far more then I thought I would. Not because I was expecting the tea to be awful as I always try new teas with a clean slate, but, rather I'm not overly keen on some herbal tea's. But this tea is absolutely gorgeous.

It's a very sweet tea, so you don't need to add any sugar or sweetener. This tea reminds me so much of other blends. There is something almost pepperminty about this tea. It's also has a nutty, earthy taste which is very similar to Yunnan (in black tea).

I like the different tones to this tea. On first tasting you have a wonderful sweet taste. Then, just after you have the herbal, mint like taste, then you have the nuttiness. It's really rather odd (in a good way) but this tea almost develops whilst in your mouth. You can taste the different flavours coming through one by one which is extraordinary.

It's so rich and interesting in flavour that this is one blend you will never tire of. I had my first cup of tea around 8.20pm, in just under an hour I've made another two cups. That is quite some tea drinking, isn't it? But it's interesting, different and pure heaven in a cup.

As the football has started and as it's Friday, a lot of people are reporting on Facebook that they are drinking wine or beer and are posting pictures up to prove it! I'm proud to say that I'm drinking Wise Owl's Bamboo Tea. It's simply gorgeous and very tasty with rich tones and flavours.

I don't drink coffee, but I would imagine that this would make a brilliant replacement for after dinner coffee! It's a really fantastic tea that you must try.

What with it being herbal, it also could possibly have health benefits. This tea contains silica which helps the bamboo grow strong yet retain it's flexibility. In humans, it's could possibly help with hair and nail growth. Of course, I'm not a doctor with any sort of medical knowledge but I do think it's common knowledge that tea is a great source of antioxidants which helps keep us healthy.

I think it would be a great shame if you didn't try this tea. It may sound very different, and may be many miles away from what you normally drink, however, you'd be missing out on a great experience if you didn't give it a go.

The tea comes in a cardboard caddy, which is really pretty. And of course, once empty the caddy can go in the recycling bin, so this tea is good for the environment also!

Pop over to Wise Owl's website and check out the bamboo tea. I know you won't regret it!

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