Wednesday 16 April 2014

The Wiltshire Tea Company's Bouquet Royale Fruit Tea

The Wiltshire Tea Company's Bouquet Royale is perhaps one of most unique fruit tea's I've ever had. I can certainly say it's the first fruit tea that I've had in loose form, ever. And, what a delightful treat it is.

The tea contains exotic fruits such as papaya, but, also more familiar ones such as strawberry and raspberry. Here is the full list of what this exotic fruit tea contains:

- Papaya cubes (papaya, sugar)
- Hibiscus blossoms
- Currants
- Blackcurrants,
- Blue berries
- Elderflowers
- Freeze dried raspberry and strawberry pieces.

As you can see, it contains quite a lot of fruits!

This tea impressed me straight away, without a doubt. In fact, when I opened the packet, my first thought was "oh my, this is totally lush".

The mixture of smells was so sweet and inviting. It surprised me greatly actually, what a impression this tea made on me from the moment I first smelt it. It was very powerful and created a lovely impression straight away.

With fruit tea, you don't have to worry about scoulding anything and you don't have to worry about brewing time. It has been suggested that you can brew this for 6-12 minutes, but I brewed it for about seven, because, quite frankly, I couldn't wait to try it.

As you can see here, the tea brews to a rich, dark, claret colour.

Bouquet Royale is very fragrant indeed. It's very hard to detect which fruits it contain's, but they all blend together to make a wonderful aroma.

Upon first sip, I knew this was going to be a very different tea.

The first flavours that came through, funnily enough, was currant. I could detect that almost immediately, followed by the papaya.

You certainly do go on a journey when you try this tea. Your tongue experiences very sweet flavours then, suddenly, flavours that are quite sharp. The sweetness comes from the currants and papaya (you can see the papaya cubes in the tea before you brew it!) and it's tartness comes from the strawberry's and blue berries.

But, despite the sweet and sour element to this tea, it's a evenly balanced blend. Not too sweet, nor too sharp. However, I do think that this tea would benefit from a little added something. Whether you enjoy sugar or a sweetener like Stevia, I would suggest that if it's a little too sharp for you then just add a tiny bit of sugar or sugar substitute, it won't detract from the lovely flavour but may tame the sharpness if it's a bit too much for you. 

It's a really rich tea. Rich in colour and rich in flavour! And I actually ended up feeling really full after drinking this tea. It's warming as well and would be perfect to drink on a cold day but it would make a excellent cold tea in the hot weather.

I was really, really impressed by Bouquet Royale. It was one of the fullest, most satisfying fruit tea's I've ever had. In fact, it leaves some of the cheaper blends standing well in the shade.

Please click here for more information on the Wiltshire Tea Company and their simply amazing Bouquet Royale!

Go on, treat yourself if you love fruit tea. It's a wonderful, tempting tea.

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